The mermaid sisters

Personal Project

The three sirens Leucosia, Ligea and Partenope are said to have lived in the gulf of Salerno. A fascinating sea rich in mystery. Its beauty is involving and also mischievous just like the legendary creatures. The three sirens were daughters of the muse Calliope. Their shapes and their beauty enchanted the gaze of passing sailors. With their song they enchanted the ships and in a hypnotic game they attracted the unlucky sailors. The men of the sea were promised eternal knowledge and in a short time they found themselves sucked with their boats into sea whirlpools. Partenope was called the virgin, Leucosia the one with the white limbs and Ligea the one with the most melodious song. Legend has it that the three sisters tried to seduce Ulysses but failed and were exiled to a distant rock.

All images © Ramona Bruno EI