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Hello, I’m Ramona!

I was born in a small town in southern Italy and grew up in close contact with the sea. As a child, I spent my summers in a small town where boredom was the driving force behind my imagination.
My works are always very ironic and funny, like me in my private life. I work almost entirely digitally. When I am not working, I spend my days at the seaside listening to good music or visiting new places with my family.
I love reading science fiction books but also surreal and fantastic stories.

Touch, abracadabra expo Graphic Days Torino 2021
Diversità & Identità Orvieto Cinema Fest exposition 2021
Happiness, Brightness Magazine 2021
The Campanier FANZINE, Napoli 2020/21
Just Human: 100 illustrazioni senza confini, Graphic Days Torino 2019
Oltre gli spazi inesplorati. Sulle tracce di Jules Verne, XII Concorso Lucca Junior, Lucca 2018
Papayas Pineapples and the Apocalypse FANZINE,  Turin 2018
Il barone Rampante, selezione Illustrati, Logos Edizioni 2018
Matite da Paura, Edizioni EL 2018
Quotidianità, Disegni al Sole , Celle Ligure  2017 


All images © Ramona Bruno EI